Stainless Steel

Stainless steel stands as a cornerstone in the industrial realm, renowned for its corrosion resistance, durability, and hygiene properties. Comprising iron, chromium, nickel, and other alloying elements, this alloy excels in harsh environments, making it indispensable in industries ranging from manufacturing and chemical processing to food and pharmaceuticals.

The resistance to corrosion and staining, coupled with its strength and heat resistance, renders stainless steel ideal for equipment and structures that demand reliability and longevity. Its non-reactive nature makes it a preferred choice in the production of containers, pipelines, and machinery where cleanliness and resistance to chemical reactions are paramount.

Beyond its utilitarian features, stainless steel’s aesthetic appeal also finds expression in architectural and design applications. The industrial world relies on stainless steel for its unparalleled combination of strength, durability, and versatility, making it a linchpin in the creation of robust, sanitary, and enduring solutions across diverse sectors.

Our Stainless Steel Products

Stainless Steel Round Bar

  • Sizes: 5mm to 450mm
  • Grades: 304, 304L, 316, and 316L, including special alloys
  • Custom sizes can be made to order

Stainless Steel Sections

  • A full range of equal angles, flat bars, and channels
  • Grades: 304L and 316L
  • Sizes: 25mm to 100mm

Stainless Steel Instrumentation Tubing

  • Stocked in metric sizes: 6mm to 16mm
  • All wall thicknesses available

Stainless Steel Forgings

  • Full range of billets in rounds and squares forged in carbon, alloy, and stainless steel
  • Light to heavy forgings manufactured in closed die, press, and hammer forging plants

Stainless Steel Flanges

  • Comprehensive stock range: ANSI 150lb to 2500lb
  • Grades: 304L, 316L, and 321H
  • Sizes: 12.7mm to 609.6mm (1/2” to 24”)
  • Larger size flanges can be made to order

Stainless Steel Butt-Weld Fittings

  • Stocked in SA/A403 WP/WPS/WPWX
  • Schedule: 10s, 40s in welded and 80s in seamless
  • Grades: 304L, 316L, 321H
  • Sizes: 12.7mm to 914.4mm (1/2” to 36”)
  • Larger sizes can be manufactured upon request

BSP Stainless Steel Cast Fittings

  • Full range of fittings
  • Sizes: 3.18mm to 101.6mm (1/8” to 4”)
  • Material: 316 stainless steel
  • Includes ball valves, elbows, hose nipples, reducing bushes, barrel nipples, sockets, plugs, and unions

Stainless Steel Sheet and Plate

SA/A240 sheet and plate sizes:

  • 2500mm x 1250mm
  • 3000mm x 1500mm
  • 6000mm x 1500mm
  • 6000mm x 2000mm
  • Thicknesses: 0.7mm to 50mm
  • Grades: 304L and 316L

Stainless Steel Pipes and Tubing

  • Tubing stocked in ASTM A/A554
    • Grades: 304L and 316L
    • Sizes: 12.7mm to 101.6mm
    • Wall thickness: 1.2mm to 2mm
  • Full range of SA/A312 welded and seamless pipes
    • Grades: 304L and 316L
    • Welded pipes: 12.7mm to 609.6mm (1/2” to 24”) in Schedule 10s and 40s
    • Seamless pipes: 12.7mm to 406.4mm (1/2” to 16”) in Schedule 10s, 40s, and 80s
  • Larger welded pipes can be manufactured to A358 Class 1-5

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